What Is Occupational Health?

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What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a specialist discipline of the medical profession. Normally lead by registered nurses with a specialist qualification, also referred to as Occupational Health Advisors (OHA). OHA’s work closely with health and safety, managers and the HR dept, but in some respects are a stand alone department due to medical considerations.

Primary aims are:

  • To give objective and impartial advice on issues relating to health at work.
  •  To protect the employee from work-related illness or injury.
  • To protect the employer from work-related health risks, unfit or unsuitable employees.
  • Undertaking activities as set out by the HSE to conform to UK legislation.


What are main activities?

  • Health surveillance: specific tests, like hearing tests, lung function tests etc…
  • Specific medicals: i.e. confined spaces, fork lift truck medicals, BA medical etc…
  • Sickness absence: management of long and short term sickness, rehabilitation.
  • Health promotion: information and education on relevant health related topics.
  • Occupational Hygiene: identifying, assessing and monitoring hazards in the workplace.
  • Maintaining medical records: organizing and maintaining digital and hard copies of personal confidential information.


What Occupational health is not?

  • Is not a first aid service, for first aid please continues to use your dedicated first aiders on site.
  • Is not a policing service for short-term absences.
  • Is not a substitute for your primary health care service (A&E or GP)


Where is your occupational Health?

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