Threadworms Advise & Treatment.

Threadworms are parasites which measure up to half an inch in length and

looked like threats of cotton. They are easily passed on and are very common

in children. They cause an itchy anus which can lead to irritable and unsettled

children. This, in turn can lead to poor sleep for parents impacting on

performance at work.

Our Advice:

Wash the hands and nails carefully before eating and going to the toilet

Treat the whole family and tell close friends

Use separate towels

Have a shower or bath the morning after treatment

Where a figure hugging pajamas or underwear in bed to prevent scratching

Cut finger nails short

Treatment for Threadworms

Please consult your pharmacist prior to purchasing treatments. Treatments may be Ovexsuspensionn or Ovex family pack contains mebendazole.