Surgeon To Entrepreneur – Medical Professionals Need To Diversify Income

Have you ever considered looking at a different income model? As healthcare professionals we generally work on an hourly rate, this means there will always be a glass ceiling on the earnings, as there are only so many hours in the day. What if I could show you another way, where earnings are unlimited.

Here at the Occupational Health Academy we have built a platform that enables Occupational Health professionals to leveraged our technology, experience and training to break through that glass ceiling.

Watch the video below to see how even surgeons are exploring these alternative options to a better lifestyle. More income, more time with family, reaching out and help more people. It’s a win-win situation.

After spending £100,000+ [and 17 YEARS!] on education, training, and equipment, he came to a point where he wants to hand in the SCALPEL, for a KEYBOARD!


+ Follow your PASSION
+ Learning DOESN’T stop
+ LIFE is a journey
+ Spend time with FAMILY
+ Work SMART not hard
+ It’s NEVER too late to change
+ DIGITAL is a new global economy
+ Acquire NEW skills
+ Find a MENTOR

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Why not you?

We are actively looking to help Occupational Health Professional explore and take advantage of this new digital economy. So whether your OHP, OHA, OHN, technician, CBT, NLP, therapist, you have knowledge that has value. Let us help realise that value.

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