Skin Allergies Advice & Treatment.

Allergies result in red and itchy patches on the skin most of these reactions will

clear up on their own but using creams or lotions can ease the discomfort

irritation as a result of allergy is called dermatitis.

Workplace dermatitis can appear at any time even if you’ve been using a

substance or chemical for some time you can become sensitive to it. If this is

the case please refer to your occupational health advisor.

We advise:

Try to identify the cause of the skin allergy and avoid contact with it.

Common causes of allergy our pets, nickel, detergents, cosmetics and

some drugs. Dependant on your work environment you may be being exposed to skin irritants. Seek a management referral to your occupational health professional.

Wash the area of dermatitis with mild soapy water can remove the cause

of the allergy.

When washing gently down the affected area dry. Do not rub.

Skin allergies treatment

Your pharmacist may recommend, Anthisan or Calamine Location. It’s unlikely that a mild case of dermatitis will result in absence from work, however, left untreated the condition may become a barrier to full fitness to work. Industries like health care and food production are of note.