Eye Irritations Advice & Treatment

There are many different eye irritations which can be self-treated. If your eye

irritation is red swollen and maybe weeping seek medical attention.

We advise:

Avoid wearing contact lenses while eye problem is current.

Do not keep touching infected eye, you may spread the infection to an other eye.

Bathe the eye regularly with warm water.

Use the separate treatment bottles for each eye if both eyes are affected.

Do not share your drops with other people.

Always check the expiry date of the eye treatment.

If you have sudden pain or blurred vision, seek medical attention. Do not

drive or use heavy machinery.

Eye Irritations Treatment

Your pharmacist may suggest Murine, Optrex or Maximeyes.

Occupational Health

Conjunctivitis may be due to exposure to physical, chemical, or biological agents in the workplace. Adequate risk assessments should identify this and a hierarchy of control measures need to be put in place.