Ear Wax Advice & Treatment

Ear wax is a natural product found in the outer ear. Sometimes it builds up and

forms a plug. This plug needs removing with eardrops. If you work in an

industry where ear protection is needed, ensure correct procedure is

maintained and ear protection is changed daily or when needed.

We advise:

Do not use cotton buds or push anything into the ear. This can cause the

wax to go further forming a wax plug. It can also damage the eardrum.

Avoid violent nose blowing.

Do not use ear wax removal treatment regularly. Prevention is better than


If you are about to go on a plane or go diving and have an ear problem

please see your doctor.

If you have pain, discharge or dizziness please seek medical attention.

Wax In Ear Treatment

Your pharmacist may recommend otex or Cerumol (which contains peanut oil)

if you need your ears professionally syringing we advise you use one or two

drops of olive oil the day before to soften the wax.