Diarrhea Advice & Treatment

Diarrhea is when bowel movements become far more frequent and involve full stools

being watery and unformed. It is often accompanied with griping pains.

Most commonly associated with food poisoning but may also be symptoms of

other disorders (IBS or Chrons disease).

We advise:

Diarrhea should stop within 2 to 3 days without treatment . Please seek

medical opinion if symptoms persist.

The products that your pharmacist can recommend should help more than

without treatment.

Replace the fluids lost during short and long periods of diarrhea by taking

rehydration sachets, boil and cool the water before making the sachets.

With acute diarrhea take a 24-hour break from all foods and drinks except

water and soft drinks.

Diarrhea Treatment

Your pharmacist may recommend; Imodium, anti-diarrhea capsules,

rehydration treatments, Dioralyte.

If you have just returned from travel abroad and the symptoms persist over 48

hours and are becoming worse. Please seek medical attention.

If your job involves food preparation please contact you occupational health

advisor for more advice.