Cold Sores Advice & Treatment

Cold sores are a viral infection found on the lips and face and easily passed

on by intimate contact. Early treatment with an anti-viral cream can reduce the

duration of a cold sore by half. You are more susceptible to cold sores when you’re

general level of health is reduced, so having a good work-life balance is


We advise:

Early treatment reduces the severity and duration of the cold sore. Ideally,

you should treat it as the tingling stage but if you missed this just treat as

soon as possible.

If you get regular cold sores keep a cold sore cream to hand so that you

might treat the blister or tingling straight away.

Avoid contact with other parts of your body as the virus can spread


Do not have caused physical contact with others. Avoid kissing or oral

sexual contact.

Wash your hands regularly during an attack to avoid spreading the virus.

Use a separate towel for the cold sore area.

When in the sun use sun screen because strong song can trigger cold


Cold Sores Treatments

Common treatments from the chemist could be Zovirax, Cymex,Blistex or their

own brand cold sore cream.

Cold sores should clear up within 7 to 10 days. It is advisable to look after your

general health and diet sleep patterns during this time to aid recovery and

prevent further cold sores.