Chesty Coughs Advice & Treatment

Chesty coughs produce a lot of phlegm. If the sputum (spit) is yellow/ green this

could mean that there is an infection present. In this case please consult

your pharmacist or GP.

We advise:

Ask your pharmacist to choose the best medicine for your cough.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Antibiotics are not generally necessary for coughs but if cough’s lasting more than

two weeks see your doctor.

If you get a chesty cough for long periods every year and ask your

pharmacist for advice.

Smokers suffer more with coughs and recurrent chest infections, consider

stopping smoking.

If you work in a dusty environment please use the personal protective

equipment (PPE) provided.

Chesty Coughs Treatment

Over the counter treatments for coughs may include Covonia, Lemsip (chesty

cough) Benylin (chesty cough) note: please use the non-drowsy if driving or

using machinery at work. Using steam may also help loosen phlegm on chest.

Consider the environment you work in. For example, do you need regular spirometry (lung function test) this may indicate you are at risk from environmental factors and could be linked to your chest complaint? Seek occupational health advice.